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FAQ : General
Why buy from Ezauto?

EzAUTO cars are certified with government standards and these pre-owned cars are refurbished with top quality that suits with customer demands and needs. We offer the finest in quality, trustworthy, and easy deal.

What is Ezauto certified Vehicle?

All EzAUTO Certified cars go through a comprehensive 171-point inspection and have all defects fixed before going into listing, this to ensure the car is comfortable and drive assured.

What guaranteed that EzAUTO provide?

(1) 5-day money back guarantee – You can test drive your new car just to be sure, if you would like to change your mind, you can return the car as long the mileage is capped at 300km and car is in the same condition as the time of handover.

(2) 12-month warranty on engine and gearbox – There any issues arise, EzAUTO will take care of it, we got your back.

How is the monthly installment calculated?

The monthly installment is an estimation calculated based on a 9-year tenure and 3.5% interest rate. This is not conclusive and is subject to terms and conditions from respective financial institutions.

Where does EzAUTO get its cars?

EzAUTO get its car directly from consumers. These cars will go through 360’ checks, cleaning, and sanitization before listed. We fix it for you!

Does EzAUTO accept trade-in?

Yes, we do! Our EzAUTO sales consultants will assist you through the trade-in process, where you have option to sell on our bidding platform as well.

Does EzAUTO sell cars that are still being financed by the bank?

No, all EzAUTO cars are free from financing.

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FAQ : Choose A Car
What are the documents needed to purchase a car with EzAUTO?

You need to have proof of residency (current) such as utilities bills and bank statements (3 months if employed, 6 months for self-employed)

Can I get a financing?

EzAUTO can help you with financing according to your requirements. The required documents are:

1) Copies of NRIC (both sides).

2) One copy of driving license.

3) Salary slips’ copies for the last 1-6 months (depending on the loan package).

4) Bank / Passbook statement for the last 1-6 months.

5) Latest EA form or EPF statement.

6) Employment confirmation letter.

Can I reserve a car?

Yes, you can! To do so kindly schedule a viewing session and pay a booking fee which is set at 1% of the vehicle’s value.

Are the used car pricing at EzAUTO negotiable?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts available on our car prices. You may be guaranteed that all of our cars are fairly and competitively priced, with no additional fees for transparency.

How can I examine the condition of the used cars advertised on EzAUTO?

All vehicles sold on EzAUTO must first pass our thorough 360° Car Check before being cleaned and sanitized and placed on the market. Before you make a purchase, you may view every inspection report and photo on our website in full transparency.

What is EzAUTO Warranty?

Our goal at EzAUTO is to make your car trip as hassle-free as we can. The engine & transmission are all covered by our complimentary one-year extended warranty, which also covers mechanical and electrical repairs. Please refer to eAutoGen for more information.

When is my car going to be delivered?

Our Sales Advisor will let you know when the automobile will be delivered after they have received the required paperwork. To arrange a pick-up of your car, you may also get in touch with the allocated Sales Advisor.

Are there any additional delivery fees?

No, there will not be any additional charges for delivery within Peninsula Malaysia.

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FAQ : Return Policy
When can I return the car to EzAUTO?

The car has to be delivered within the 5-day period, before the end of the business day on the 5th day.

What condition should the car be in?

(1) The car needs to be in the same state as when it was delivered. To verify that the vehicle is in the same condition as when it was delivered, the vehicle will be examined within two days after return. In the event that the automobiles pass the examination, EzAUTO will take possession of the vehicle.

(2) The car cannot be driven for more than 300 km (calculated from the date of deliver)

(3) The car needs to be clear of outstanding summons, fines, penalties or be blacklisted.

Refund process

(1) Complete all documents to transfer the vehicle to EzAUTO.

(2) Once the transfer of ownership to EzAUTO is completed, we will refund the money back to you in seven working days (7) days.

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FAQ : 5 days Booking Policy
How can I book a car?

You can book a car for 5 days upon making a payment of 1% of the offer price.

When can I apply for car financing?

Within the first three (3) days of making a car reservation, financing must be arranged.

What happens if I did not pay the down payment after booking a car?

Another customer may be given the car if the down payment is not made within 10 days of making a reservation.

What is a revised offer?

A revised offer is the next best offer made by EzAUTO if the down payment is not paid within 5 days of reserving a car.

Must I accept the revised offer?

You may choose to accept or reject the revised offer. If the offer is rejected, the booking fee will be refunded back to you.

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